Business Woman Working to Show Example of Communicating

Knowledge is Power – Good Communication is Leadership

The phrase, “knowledge is power” is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, and is roughly translated from the Latin version as “knowledge itself is power.”

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Can Anyone Fly This Plane?

I heard that to fly a plane you only have to know how to do three things. Aviate, navigate and communicate. That’s all. Those are the key elements of a pilot’s job.
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Horse and carriage as example of changing technology and job landscape and avoiding becoming obsolete

The Workforce Adapts to Changing Times

They Replaced Horses. That was the lead in this column by Eduardo Porter in the New York Times. Thirty-five years ago people debated whether machines, technology, would ever replace humans in the workforce. Many respected economists dismissed the idea until the great economist Wassily Leontief made his analogy regarding equines.
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