Can You Influence Exiting Employees To Bolster Your Employment Brand?

RiskMitigationAs you may know, Mullin International and Hunt Scanlon Media are conducting a series of surveys to help fill in the gap of research on the topic of off-boarding. The key findings to date are:

  • Management’s concerns and investments in off-boarding have escalated.
  • Off-boarded employees’ impressions of companies are affected by the way they are treated as well as severance and outplacement offerings, which have been expanding recently.
  • Keeping key positions filled with the right people has become increasingly more difficult, especially in technical jobs.
  • The off-boarding process has widespread implications, especially to former employees’ perceptions of the employment brand, but also to the perceptions of prospective job candidates.

Our current survey, which only takes a minute or two, focuses on the risks that off-boarding presents, and how your company is managing those risks.

In exchange for your participation, we will send you the full report when the study concludes. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

We’d like your input. Click below to take the survey.

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1 Reason Why Most Change Management Efforts Fail

Change in an organization is inevitable. Unfortunately, however, most organizational change efforts take longer and are more costly than leaders and managers initially anticipate. In fact, McKinsey and Company revealed that 70% of all company transformations fail.

According to the article “1 Reason Why Most Change Management Efforts Fail”, during these transition periods, “change battle fatigue” can set in amongst employees. Even when companies make great strides forward, fatigue can derail even the most valiant efforts for change. This can have a detrimental effect towards a company’s overall culture.

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