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How to Turn Change Management Into Personal Development

Transitional periods in organizations not only affect the company at large, but each individual’s contribution towards their team. Often times, change in an organization leads to shifts in management and departmental hierarchy, ultimately leading to a shift in each individuals’ contribution within the company. According to an article on business.com, one important element in the […]

1 Reason Why Most Change Management Efforts Fail

Change in an organization is inevitable. Unfortunately, however, most organizational change efforts take longer and are more costly than leaders and managers initially anticipate. In fact, McKinsey and Company revealed that 70% of all company transformations fail. According to the article “1 Reason Why Most Change Management Efforts Fail”, during these transition periods, “change battle […]

How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

We can all agree that attaining and retaining top talent is critical to a company’s success. Today, through social media platforms such as Glassdoor, negative reviews can tarnish an employer’s brand and turn qualified candidates in the opposite direction. Outside of standard recruitment marketing efforts, taking action as an employer to enlist your employees as […]

Why and How HR Needs to Act More Like Marketing

With the digital landscape rapidly changing, Marketing success now depends heavily on support from Human Resources. Not only to identify and train new skillsets, but also ensure that employees are being treated the right way when they are off-boarded.  A tighter partnership between the two departments will help strengthen an employer’s overall brand.  In a recent study we conducted […]

Onboarding Strategies Fall Short

According to a recent article on Hunt Scanlon, over a third of employers (36 percent) lack a structured onboarding process, and a significant number are reporting costly consequences. One of the strategies we recommend for employees transitioning into new roles is to develop their own personal onboarding plan with their new manager.  A new employee’s most important objective their […]

Automation and the impact on tomorrow’s jobs.

Automation is the way of the future, and leveraging it will be the key to transitioning today’s bad jobs into tomorrow’s good jobs. According to a recent article on Harvard Business Review, see how and why customers, employees, and investors will benefit from embracing these technological advancements. View Article  

In Which Direction Are Off-Boarding Costs Heading?

We’d like your point of view. As social media channels expand, off-boarded employees have increasing influence over prospective employees’ decisions to either approach or avoid your company. The same goes for potential investors, customers and business partners; many seek out employee feedback for a clear and accurate picture of your organization.