Top Job Sources for Job Seekers

With all the buzz around online job boards, we thought it would be a great time to answer the question about where  job seekers are really having the most success finding new jobs.  Below is data on 10,000+ successful candidates from the last 3 years. Read more


Insights from the NYS Department of Labor

In my last post I shared some broad insights on the New York City job market for the balance of 2016 and beyond that were shared by Jim Brown of the NYS Department of Labor. Here are some of his specific insights and suggestions.

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What Can NYC Job Seekers Expect in 2016 Q4?

“Most of our major industries have been re-shaped by the way we gather and process data.” This was just one of the insights shared by Jim Brown, a Labor Market Analyst from the New York State Department of Labor whose focus is the New York City market, when he addressed a group of executives at the Mullin International New York office. He gave a broad overview of the job market for the balance of 2016 and shared some specific ideas about what’s hot and what’s not.

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video camera

Are You Camera Ready?

After spending hours perfecting your resume you are now ready to electronically deliver the document to a company on your target list.  Knowing you are the ideal candidate for that coveted opening gets your heart pumping. Thinking it is just a matter of time before you wow the hiring manager with concrete examples detailing your skills and experience; your finger reaches for the send button. Wait! What is this requirement about a video? Read more

Now What?

Career Transition: No Longer At Work, What Do I Do Now?

Career transition is a difficult thing to go through. It tests your self-esteem, your courage, your faith, your self-discipline, and sometimes your endurance. The job has ended. There’s no work to get up for, no place you must drive to, no desk or workstation awaiting your arrival. What do you do? Read more


Brexit’s Impact on U.K. Recruiting

Brexit is on everyone’s mind these days. To better understand the situation Mullin International sponsored a poll conducted by Hunt Scanlon focused specifically on the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union on recruiting and staffing. The results should be of concern to anyone looking to fill jobs in the U.K. and provide insights into what recruiting may be like in the coming months and years.

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A professional working on a laptop

Left Your Job and You’re Still There?

In a previous article in Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women issue, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook, Inc., shared her well-articulated thoughts on being fully engaged while you are in the workforce. “Don’t leave before you leave” was written “about young women cutting back their career ambition.” This quote has stayed in my mind and remains as relevant today – and not just for young women, but for many currently employed. Allow me to explain … Read more


Invest in Yourself This Summer

Job searching in July and August? If the first thought that popped into your head is that you think you might take these two months off because business slows down and hiring managers could be on vacation, I encourage you to re-think your position. While I am all for taking time off to rejuvenate, relax and refresh your mind and body, renewing your career search efforts in the next two months could be just what the job doctor ordered. Read more

Business Woman Working to Show Example of Communicating

Knowledge is Power – Good Communication is Leadership

The phrase, “knowledge is power” is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, and is roughly translated from the Latin version as “knowledge itself is power.”

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Can Anyone Fly This Plane?

I heard that to fly a plane you only have to know how to do three things. Aviate, navigate and communicate. That’s all. Those are the key elements of a pilot’s job.
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