Horse and carriage as example of changing technology and job landscape and avoiding becoming obsolete

The Workforce Adapts to Changing Times

They Replaced Horses. That was the lead in this column by Eduardo Porter in the New York Times. Thirty-five years ago people debated whether machines, technology, would ever replace humans in the workforce. Many respected economists dismissed the idea until the great economist Wassily Leontief made his analogy regarding equines.
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A group of skydivers trusting each other by holding hands in mid air.

The Importance of Trustworthy Leadership

On May 13th, Hunt Scanlon published an interview with Mullin International’s CEO Keith Mullin about how to develop leadership in the workplace. The piece was entitled, Leadership: It Starts and Ends With Trust. Keith makes a number of good points in the interview, but one subject of particular interest is that of trust. In this post I’ll shed some light on why trusted leadership is so valuable to a company, and how it can be developed.

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football players running a play

Why You Need A Career Coach After All

Today the internet provides a lot of tools for the job seeker. You can network, show off your resume and apply to jobs on Linkedin, find free resume templates and find more articles on professional development than anyone could ever have time to read. With all these tools and all this information, do you really need a career coach? This post will look into why a career coach is important for anyone undergoing a job search.

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A happy employee jumping on a mountain.

7 Ways to Build a Better Company Culture

A study at Warwick University found that happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker, and unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive and unhappy. According to Gallup, unhappy employees cost American businesses $300 billion each year.

Creating a positive company culture is incredibly important for a business’ success. It can make your company better in a number of ways: Read more