Business Woman Working to Show Example of Communicating

Knowledge is Power – Good Communication is Leadership

The phrase, “knowledge is power” is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, and is roughly translated from the Latin version as “knowledge itself is power.”

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Can Anyone Fly This Plane?

I heard that to fly a plane you only have to know how to do three things. Aviate, navigate and communicate. That’s all. Those are the key elements of a pilot’s job.
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A group of skydivers trusting each other by holding hands in mid air.

The Importance of Trustworthy Leadership

On May 13th, Hunt Scanlon published an interview with Mullin International’s CEO Keith Mullin about how to develop leadership in the workplace. The piece was entitled, Leadership: It Starts and Ends With Trust. Keith makes a number of good points in the interview, but one subject of particular interest is that of trust. In this post I’ll shed some light on why trusted leadership is so valuable to a company, and how it can be developed.

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