Executive Coaching Program

Mullin International’s Executive Coaching Program inspires leaders to develop their full potential through a commitment to learning and a willingness to transform the way they think, feel and act.

Program Overview

Tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual and their position within the company, we offer three categories of executive coaching:

  1. Leadership development for high potential individuals
  2. Executive assimilation for newly hired or promoted employees
  3. Coaching for performance change

Our team works with hundreds of individual executives guiding them to achieve personal success and contribute to the overall success of our corporate client. In each business environment, the positive and significant changes are observable, sustainable and consistent in improving personal and team performance.

Mullin International executive coaching programs consist of a four-phase approach:

1. Assess – Each engagement begins with a thorough assessment of career, job deliverables, stakeholders, perceived issues and both short and long-term goals.

2. Plan – The individual is interviewed and receives industrial psychological testing to determine work style and behaviors. As appropriate, peers, colleagues, and subordinates will also be interviewed. Goals and specific actions consistent with clearly defined goals are included in a jointly developed plan.

3. Implement – A dedicated coach provides specialized resources in an organized, flexible and practical framework. Tips, scripts, and techniques will be taught to address specific needs. Online resources and bookmarks are provided as well for additional reinforcement outside of individual coaching and frequent communication.

4. Evaluate – Throughout the engagement, evaluations to measure the progress of agreed upon goals and identify other areas of focus will be conducted. Coaching techniques and focus will be adjusted to address areas of need.

Program Details

Our commitment to providing the highest level of personalized service while remaining flexible allows us to offer three executive coaching formats – Executive, Accelerated, Integrated. We use the same proven, interactive and transformational change process in each. The only difference is the allocation of hours over a specific period.

Mullin International offers three executive coaching formats
Allocated Hours3 to 4 hours2 hours2 hours
Frequency3 to 4 weeks4 weeksBi-weekly
Duration12+ months6 or 12 months3 or 6 months

Whether the need is related to onboarding, performance, transition or development, Mullin International’s executive coaching programs will develop your leaders to their full potential.

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