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One central question has served as the catalyst for the rapid and steady growth of Mullin International to its current standing as the premier provider of innovative redeployment and career transition solutions worldwide. Throughout our 30+ year history, we have continually asked ourselves…

What do our clients and candidates need?

Over time, needs change and can be based on a wide spectrum of factors, including: labor market trends that keep employees and job candidates on their toes; increased reliance on technology and demand for mobility; variations of personal branding, work styles and individual career options; evolving corporate policies that must synchronize with M&A initiatives and cost containment objectives; expansion and contraction of employee groups across multiple geographic locations; and industry fluctuations with accelerated global competition; among other considerations.

In our ongoing quest to address this one central question, we also strive to identify needs before our candidates and clients recognize the importance of them.

The most recent and pivotal development in our clients’ objectives  has been  born out of the need to proactively manage the off-boarding process for leavers who may land as suppliers, competitors or buyers; to create company brand ambassadors; to maximize engagement and utilization; to shorten the rate of transition for candidate landings; and to leverage technology to its fullest—all while controlling costs and perpetuating the attention to detail and quality service we are known for providing to thousands of highly satisfied candidates and long-standing client firms.

Mullin clients and candidates

Our operating model was designed to position our clients & candidates at the central hub.

Together, the central hub and on-demand resources are both in sync and in motion.

They are vital in assuring that candidates are empowered to prepare for a competitive search and accelerate their landing timeframes.

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Mullin International is proud to be the leader in redeployment and outplacement solutions for companies worldwide. Our solutions are designed to deliver accelerated job landings, reduced offboarding spend and quantified ROI better than anyone else can provide. Download our free fact sheet today to learn more.

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