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Mullin International’s individualized approach to career transition is designed to accommodate the differing transition needs of executives at different organization levels. Thus, we provide distinct levels of services, although any service level may be delivered for any individual executive.

Recognizing that each candidate’s situation and needs are inherently different, we begin each assignment with a thorough assessment of the candidate’s needs — career, lifestyle, financial — and jointly develop a process-oriented plan, the content of which is consistent with his/her clearly defined objectives. Then, we develop an action plan — and we provide specialized resources to him/her in each need area, organized in a practical and extremely flexible framework which has been tested and refined over a period of years in hundreds of top echelon situations.

Finally, we co-manage the search itself while remaining non-intrusive. This detailed and comprehensive approach varies with each individual and differs according to level of service required and outcome desired.

We base our results on the following factors:

  • High Quality Staff
    A consulting project can only be as successful as the consultants handling the work. Our greatest resource is a close-knit team of distinguished professionals who have been carefully selected for their own managerial success, breadth of experience, academic achievement, and dedication.
  • Top Management Focus
    Understanding the leadership demands, management issues, and personal challenges facing our clients is the key to providing longer-time career solutions, rather than just helping them find other jobs. We provide a holistic approach that looks at financial, career, family, and other conditions affecting the executive’s career transition.
  • Proven Approach
    We are acknowledged by our clients (both individuals and organizations) and the consulting community itself, as pioneers in our field. Our methods work. Our comprehensive and systematic approach has proven effective in many hundreds of assignments in highly diverse industries covering virtually every functional specialty since 1980.
  • Professional Ethics
    We build long-lasting trust relationships with clients based on their satisfaction with the value we have added and by remaining with them through the situation they are working to resolve. We are committed to reaching the best solution for our client, regardless of the necessary effort on our part.
Mullin clients and candidates

Our operating model was designed to position our clients & candidates at the central hub.

Together, the central hub and on-demand resources are both in sync and in motion.

They are vital in assuring that candidates are empowered to prepare for a competitive search and accelerate their landing timeframes.


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Mullin International is proud to be the leader in redeployment and outplacement solutions for companies worldwide. Our solutions are designed to deliver accelerated job landings, reduced offboarding spend and quantified ROI better than anyone else can provide. Download our free fact sheet today to learn more.

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