Influence of The Off-boarding Process

Does the way employees are off-boarded really matter?  Does it affect your brand image among prospective employees, or your current employees’ willingness to stay and to recommend your company as an employer?

We’d Like Your Point of View

This is the third in a series of short “burst surveys” that Mullin International, a leading Outplacement firm, and Hunt Scanlon, a leading provider of strategic HR information, are conducting through the Spring and Summer.  Our objective is to understand the influence that exiting employees can have on your brand, how off-boarding affects brand image, and what companies can do to turn former employees into brand ambassadors. 

In our April survey, we learned that Management’s concerns about off-boarding have escalated, and that respondents see off-boarded employees’ impressions of companies are affected by not only the way they are treated, but by the presence of severance, outplacement services, and other factors.

Our May survey revealed that companies’ investments in off-boarding have been creeping up slowly, and that more  companies are expanding rather than contracting the use of severance and outplacement services.

Our current survey, which only takes a few minutes, focuses on the impact of off-boarding itself. We would greatly appreciate your participation,  and in exchange, we will send you the full report at the end of the summer.

Thank you – The Mullin International/Hunt Scanlon Research Team.

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