In Which Direction Are Off-Boarding Costs Heading?

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As social media channels expand, off-boarded employees have increasing influence over prospective employees’ decisions to either approach or avoid your company. The same goes for potential investors, customers and business partners; many seek out employee feedback for a clear and accurate picture of your organization.

What can you do to ensure that off-boarded employees don’t damage your hard-earned reputation? Is it realistic to think that they might even bolster it? This is the focus of a series of short surveys that Mullin International, a leading outplacement firm, and Hunt Scanlon, a leading provider of strategic HR information, are conducting over the next few months.

As an HR professional, we’re interested in your point of view. Specifically, our questions relate to your investments in off-boarding employees. In which direction do you see things heading? In exchange for your opinions, we will send you our report, which we will provide practical insight for maintaining positive relationships with off-boarded employees.


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