Our Approach

  • Assuring all employees in transition are always focused on their futures

    Happy Mullin International candidate

Our Approach

Every element of our approach focuses on the candidate’s experience and guiding them successfully forward.

Why? It’s simple, candidate success translates into success for the corporation.

Our transition process is designed to conform to the needs, interests, and pace that is comfortable for the offboarded employee. From the initial call within one day to the landing, there is a natural ebb and flow of candidate communication and engagement that leaves a positive lasting impression about the support your company provided.

This proven approach has a meaningful and positive impact on the candidate resulting in faster resettlement at a lower cost for our corporate clients. It also ensures that our client’s brand is protected and enhanced.

Did You Know?

As much as 60% of your departing employees will remain in your industry eco-system as buyers, suppliers, influencers or competitors. You’ll want these leavers as brand ambassadors, positive in their view of your company.

Mullin clients and candidates

Our operating model was designed to position our clients & candidates at the central hub.

Together, the central hub and on-demand resources are both in sync and in motion.

They are vital in assuring that candidates are empowered to prepare for a competitive search and accelerate their landing timeframes.


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Mullin International At a Glance

Mullin International is proud to be the leader in redeployment and outplacement solutions for companies worldwide. Our solutions are designed to deliver accelerated job landings, reduced offboarding spend and quantified ROI better than anyone else can provide. Download our free fact sheet today to learn more.

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