Our Story

  • We’re focused on positive outcomes – for all concerned

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Our Story

Mullin International is the global leader in redeployment and outplacement resources for companies engaged in critical management changes.

Our commitment to improving the experience for impacted employees and delivering measurable results through real-time data for our clients has kept us at the leading edge of our industry for 35 years.

Unlike single solution providers, Mullin International takes a multidimensional approach to redeployment and outplacement. We have successfully interwoven our experience, proprietary technology, and the human component into a proven process. This process results in our ability to onboard corporate clients more quickly and deliver positive outcomes for all concerned with substantial savings over traditional or online exclusive programs.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Keith Mullin, we have created a community of innovative, like-minded professionals who have a demonstrated passion and expertise in talent and career management. Our team members provide the highest standard of transition services for departing employees at any level, within any industry, anywhere in the world.

Our History

In business since 1980, Mullin International has a superior reputation for providing individual personal service. We are able to do this because our career consultants have significant business experience, have personally experienced outplacement, and dedicate appropriate time to each candidate because of the manageable candidate/consultant ratio. As an example, with our Quality Assurance Program we require consultants to maintain a consultant/candidate ratio of 20:1, the lowest in the outplacement industry.

We are confident that our professionals have the talents, skills, capacity, and innovation, as well as the overall management experience, to successfully and effectively provide the highest standard of outplacement for departing employees anywhere in the world.

At Mullin International, our goal has always been to maximize value by providing services that lead in people, process, and technology. Today we are recognized as the premier global provider of individual outplacement solutions that focus on the individual and offer progressive winning strategies. Our unique Career Pathing service now provides professional-level candidates with up to 18-months counseling support once they have landed new positions.

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