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Ultimately, a consulting project can only be as successful as the consultants handling the work.

Our greatest resource is a close-knit team of distinguished professionals who have been carefully selected for their managerial success, breadth of experience, academic achievement, and dedication.

Our team consists of more than 200 seasoned career consultants around the globe who are accustomed to delivering quality service. Each consultant gears the conversation, services and tools to meet the unique needs of the individual. A Mullin International consultant is required to participate in a minimum of 50 hours per year.

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Committed and caring consultants

Mullin International’s team builds long-lasting trust relationships with our corporate clients and the employees we shepherd through the transition. Our caring consultants are committed to reaching the best solutions for the corporation and the outplaced employee. We work side-by-side with the transitioning employee to deliver a holistic approach that looks at financial, career, family and other conditions affecting the individual.

We are confident that our professionals have the talent, skills, capacity, innovation and overall management experience to successfully and effectively provide the highest standard of service in the areas of redeploymentoutplacement and executive coaching anywhere in the world.

We understand the range of emotions and uncertainty associated with career changes and work to create a positive experience for the employee that transforms them into confident, successful brand ambassadors.

Our operating model was designed to position our clients & candidates at the central hub.

Together, the central hub and on-demand resources are both in sync and in motion.

They are vital in assuring that candidates are empowered to prepare for a competitive search and accelerate their landing timeframes.


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