Our redeployment and outplacement solutions provide a positive experience that protects your brand and creates ambassadors for your company

Accelerated Job Landings

Our ability to deliver accelerated job landings is the direct result of our focus on the candidate’s experience and guiding them successfully forward. We work with transitioning employees through a highly personalized approach to ensure they land the right job.

For both executive and non-executive employees, our redeployment and outplacement solutions provide unlimited touch points, including access to consultants, online tools and resources, and group learning opportunities delivered with consistency across the entire engagement.

Reduced Offboard Spend

At Mullin International, we designed an operating model that positions our clients and transitioning employees at the central hub. This approach allows us to meet the unique needs of outplaced staff while minimizing offboarding costs for our clients.

Innovative programs, such as Launch & Land, have allowed us to save our clients $200 million in severance and related costs.

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Quantified ROI

We know our programs work for our clients and their transitioning employees because we track and measure every engagement. To date, we have followed 6,000+ redeployed and outplaced employees on their journey from the initial notification through landing and beyond. The data we have collected proves our approach is working and producing the results our clients and their offboarded employees expect.

Mullin International clients receive key performance indicators reporting throughout the engagement, as well as a detailed overview of program performance.