Launch & Land

  • Launch & Land Program: success strategies with Mullin International

Launch & Land is an innovative and comprehensive solution for early intervention, redeployment and career transition.

The program has been tested, retested and refined to assure quality and alignment with a diverse client base. It provides a thoughtful and cost-effective approach to the soft notification of early intervention, as well as to the more definitive, structured and planned actions involving redeployment and career transition.

Launch & Land provides the highest level of personalized support for participants who may land as suppliers, competitors or buyers within your ecosystem. It fortifies employees with an optimistic and productive vision of their futures through individual consultations, group learning and online tools and resources preparing them to tackle new challenges as they arise.

Key Benefits:

  • Create company brand ambassadors
  • Maximize engagement and utilization
  • Shorten the rate of transition for candidate landings
  • Leverage technology to its fullest, while controlling costs


Launch & Land for Employers

The Mullin International team follows a proven workflow in delivering the Launch & Land program. The workflow is organized into three phases – Pre-planning, Implementation and Post Review and Analysis.

In the Pre-Planning phase, our trained staff will gather and review data regarding current in-house processes and procedures from key stakeholders in HR, ER, procurement, finance, corporate communications and company management. We will then provide a customized playbook inclusive of policies, procedures, and resources to implement the program.

During the Implementation phase, your Mullin International team will work side-by-side with your HR staff to execute the plan.

Lastly, in the Post Review & Analysis phase we will provide a detailed review of the results. Based on feedback from your staff and our team’s observations we will tweak the plan moving forward to improve overall performance.

Launch & Land for Employees


Launch & Land is organized into two phases for the employee journey. In Phase I, the employee is immediately engaged in a comprehensive solution to prepare them for redeployment. Employees who do not redeploy within a 60-day period move into Phase II. In Phase II, employees continue to receive uninterrupted and comprehensive services continuing with the assigned dedicated consultant and utilizing all resources and group learning opportunities.

For both executive and non-executive employees, Launch & Land will provide unlimited touch points, including access to consultants, online tools & resources and group learning opportunities, which will be delivered with consistency across the entire engagement. Quality reviews will be conducted with each affected employee to assure all stated deliverables have been received and to gauge the overall experience.

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