Signature Program

The Signature Program is our most distinctive outplacement service.

Program Overview

Mullin International’s Signature Program offers 12-months of consulting. The Signature Program includes every element of support needed to make a successful transition and is designed to provide outplaced senior executives support for:

  • Dealing with change and job transition
  • Clarifying goals and testing them against the current marketplace
  • Developing skills and strategies to conduct a successful career progression campaign
  • Obtaining the right new employment opportunity as soon as possible
  • Understanding techniques for effective career planning and management

With a candidate ratio of 15 to 1, Mullin International prides itself on being able to deliver individualized consulting services that allow access to the assigned consultant when needed. As with all of the Mullin International outplacement programs, each transitioning employee receives specific services related to:

  • Resume Development – prepare a powerful resume to highlight experience and capability
  • Interview Preparation – refine interviewing techniques and follow-up after the interview
  • Communication Strategies – create position-posting responses, verbal resume and effective cover letters
  • Networking – development and techniques
  • Personal Marketing Campaign – create a customized transition plan to enhance opportunities
  • Technology Support/Office Support – access to our databases, telephones, copiers, computers, as well as assistance with resume formatting, printing, job search correspondence and mailing services.

Program Details

✓ Guaranteed Private Office for 6 months
✓ Entrepreneurial Assessment/Direction
✓ Industrial Psychological Testing/Feedback
✓ Marketing Plan/Personalized Marketing Tools
✓ Career Pathing – a proactive 18-month Career Coaching Program that starts once the professional has accepted a new position. We work with you to ensure continued career success
✓ Weekly strategy meetings
✓ In-depth career assessment utilizing senior consultants
✓ Unlimited Individual Consulting
✓ Proactive Campaign Support
✓ Spouse Support Counseling
✓ Video Taped Interview Training
✓ Job Negotiation/Acceptance
✓ Financial Planning
✓ Administrative Support
✓ Research Assistance
✓ Internet Access / Directory / Research
✓ Access to Offices Globally
✓ Online career portal – Career Workspace™
✓ Social Networking Sites – LinkedIn™ and Twitter™
✓ Personalized Voice Mail
✓ Personal Computers
✓ Word Processing
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