HR’s Role in Creating Brand Ambassadors

Leveraging Talent Relationships is Now Seen as Critical to the Job Search Process and Even More So to a Company’s Brand. We recently took part in an article and podcast with Hunt Scanlon Media, the most widely referenced source of human capital information. Take a look.

Times of organizational change can be difficult for any company, impacting transitioning employees as well as those remaining. It can also be a time of risk for an organization’s brand and its financial stability. Mr. Mullin and his team are working on finding ways to measure the overall performance of an outplacement program, including both the transitioning employee’s satisfaction, as well as the ROI for the company.

“When an employee leaves an organization, it is important they feel that the company is there to support and respect them through the transition.” The best way to do this, according to Mr. Mullin, is with rapid outreach and engagement, strong one-on-one consulting and a robust set of research tools. “I think every company going through organizational change understands they have a social responsibility to provide a positive experience to those who are transitioning,” he said. Not only is it the right thing to do, Mr. Mullin added, “but it also protects their brand and creates ambassadors.”

That is where an approach focused on the transitioning employee’s experience and guiding them successfully forward is key. According to Karen O’Boyle, Mullin’s president, as much as 60 percent of departing employees will remain in their former company’s eco-system as buyers, suppliers, influencers or competitors. “The more quickly you can get them settled, the greater the savings and more positive their view of the company will be.”

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