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We understand that a multi-touch approach to career transition consulting is the foundation for success today.

That is why at Mullin International we blend our high-touch, personalized service with a variety of proprietary technological solutions.

The centerpiece of our technology offering is the Mullin Career Workspace™. This is an interactive resource center available for candidates to access all of our research tools. Available online, 24/7, Mullin Career Workspace is home to tutorials, career databases, job campaign documents, links to recommended websites, career articles, calendar of events and interactive discussion tools.

In addition, we offer unique, cost-effective distance training options designed for non-executive and executive transitioning employees.

Mullin International’s distance training program options include:

  • TeleCoaching – Live two-way coaching by phone
  • e-VideoCoaching® – Face-to-face coaching, using high-quality real-time audio/video via the Internet
  • e-Video Seminars™ – Live seminars featuring real-time audio/video and Q&A

These distance training programs can be delivered to candidates anywhere in the world and are offered in a variety of languages.

Our smart technology delivers benefits that enable our consultants to connect with outplaced employees the way they want breaking down barriers, increasing engagement, delivering quicker landing times and driving down costs.

Our operating model was designed to position our clients & candidates at the central hub.

Together, the central hub and on-demand resources are both in sync and in motion.

They are vital in assuring that candidates are empowered to prepare for a competitive search and accelerate their landing timeframes.


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